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Tattoo Bull Supply. Healthy tattoos, Our Priority.

We produce tattoo care products for tattoo artists and tattoo lovers. Our mission is to provide the best-performing tattoo aftercare products that meet all your tattoo needs.

As we know exactly what kind of care tattoos require, we design innovative (yet simple) products with complex formulas.
Our products are proven to be effective, curative, and truly protective. We never compromise the protecting and healing properties of our products.
After having worked in different fields of the tattoo industry for many years, we are aware of the needs of tattoo artists, and we offer products that will facilitate their work. So with our products, they can focus on their creativity and art without having to worry about what may happen to their every piece of work during the tattoo session or the healing process.

Along with our thousands of customer experiences, we are also well aware of the needs of people who have tattoos. We aim to search for formulas and ingredients that will keep the tattoos as they are on the first day, will protect the health of the tattoo, and will also be sensitive to ecological life while doing all these.

Whether you’re ordering a single item for yourself or a bulk order for your studio or store, leave the rest to us. Tattoo Bull Supply is always on the side of the tattoo, not the trade.

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TattooBull Supply. Healthy Tattoos, Our Priority.

why people choose us

High-quality products
We deliver what we promise with high-quality ingredients.
Reasonable prices
We believe everybody should be able to afford adequate aftercare products as they guarantee the healthiness of tattoos and skin.
State-of-the-art effective formulas
We are always in search of new formulas utilizing the latest technological developments.
Fast delivery
We put on-time deliveries on top of every other task.
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
We refund any dissatisfied customer and use their feedback to prevent further inconvenience.

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