About Us

About Us

Tattoo Bull Supply. Healthy tattoos, Our Priority.

We produce tattoo care products for tattoo artists and tattoo lovers. Our mission is to provide the best performing tattoo aftercare products that meet all your tattoo needs.

Because we know exactly what the care and service that tattoos require, we design innovative but not confusing products with complex formulas.

Our products are effective, curative and truly protective, as well as never cosmetics or window adornments. We never compromise the protection and healing properties of our products.

We know the needs of tattoo artists, and we offer products that will facilitate their work so that they can focus on their creativity. With our team working in the tattoo field for many years, we know the products that tattoo artists and studios need.

Along with our thousands of customer experiences, we are well aware of the needs of people who have tattoos. Our aim is to search for formulas that will keep the tattoos as they were on the first day during the tattoo healing process, to protect the health of the tattoo, and to be sensitive to ecological life while doing all these.

Whether you’re ordering a single item for yourself or a bulk order for your studio or store, leave the rest to us. Tattoo Bull Supply is always on the side of the tattoo, not the trade

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