Tps for Tattoo Aftercare

Avoid using irritating chemicals while cleaning the

El yazıcıs

Do not rub and scrub excessively during the healing process.

after care

Avoid swimming in the pool and the sea during the healing process of your tattoo. In public areas such as the pool and the sea, there is a risk of infection and the chemicals in the pool can damage your unhealed tattoo.

Always protect your tattoo from the sun during and after the healing process of your tattoo. You should know that the biggest enemy of tattoos is the sun.

Always use a sunscreen cream for exposed tattoos in summer

Regularly use care creams such as Bull Aftercare Cream to keep it bright and fresh as on the first day.


Do I need to use Bull Aftercare Cream after the tattoo heals?

It is important to use Aftercare Cream until your tattoo is completely healed and the colors become regular. We recommend you use it for a lifetime to keep the skin moist in order to preserve the color and vitality of your tattoo.

Will Aftercare Cream harm my skin?

Our products have passed dermatological tests. Our Aftercare Creams are made of natural ingredients and do not contain

Daily Use

Made of natural ingredients

Our products have passed dermatological tests

Does Aftercare Cream protect against the sun? Tattoo aftercare creams take care of your skin and protect your tattoo under normal conditions. However, you need to use sunscreen cream for direct intense sun rays. You also need these protective creams to protect yourself from high ultraviolet rays in summer. Can I use aftercare cream for areas without tattoos on my skin? Yes, you can use our cream as your daily moisturizer.

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